Materials:  Quarter figured anigre veneer. Fabric wrapped panels. Stainless steel handrails with 3" diameter escutcheon. Carpet floor.


         Materials: Afromosia veneer upper panels. Textured stainless steel lower panels and ceiling.  Stainless steel random orbital handrail and backing. Stone floor.


         Materials: Quarter european sycamore. Leather wrapped polished stainless steel handrail ends. Stainless steel #4 at cornes and ceiling.  Stone floor.


         Materials: Stainless steel #4 cab walls.  Laminated PETG resin panels and stand-offs. Interlam panels lower panels.  Wood floors.


         Materials: Bookmatched mozambique. Stainless steel #4 handrail and standoff.  Carpet floors.


        Materials: Upper and lower panels with quartered cherry veneer.  Stainless steel #4 handrails with 3" diameter escutcheon. Laminated mirror corners. Carpet floors.